Sara Hernandez and Oscar Lopez propose a way of making close to give professional answers to the everyday issues relating to the design and architecture.

In addition to project and design, travel, share work and experiences with many different people, it helps them to fail to understand architecture as a cult, almost elitist, and believe strongly that bring the design to all those who may be interested it is enriching and necessary for a better future.

No small orders ...

Óscar López Martín (Madrid 1971).

Bachelor in Architecture from the School of Architecture of Madrid (ES), he has collaborated throughout his career with several architects such as Javier Feduchi, Vega Ortiz, or Gil Nagel Architects, developing both architecture and rehabilitation projects and architectural contests. He has also occasionally collaborated with artists such as David Rodríguez Caballero and Cristina Iglesias. He has begun doctoral studies at the Polytechnic University and since 2016 he is a professor at the Istituto Europeo di Design (ES).

Since 2000 his professional activity focuses on his own office. Has designed and built control building wind farms and a wide range of homes, offices and unique projects. Interiors have been restored and transformed by integral projects that have enabled the design of furniture and small-scale elements.

Sara Hernández Velasco (Madrid 1971).

Bachelor in Architecture from the School of Architecture of Madrid (ES) and professor at the School of Architecture, University Ie (ES) and at the Istituto Europeo di Design (ES), combines her academic activities with professionals from her own office. With Oscar López Martín, develops construction projects, interior and furniture designs.

Throughout her career she has collaborated with architects such as Pedro Feduchi, Belén Moneo and Gil Nagel Architects, developing construction projects, architectural contests and furniture design. Since 2000, focuses his professional career in the office she shares with Oscar Lopez Martin.

Now, ten years of experience are condensed into a new challenge: sox3..

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